Elsy Tails

What Are Elsy Tails?

What the Heck Are Elsy Tails?

Elsy Tails aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill hair ties!  These beauties were invented to help adults and children of ALL ages create perfect ponytails that are elegant, stylish and oh so fun. 

Our patent pending design allows Elsy Tails to stay put in your hair ALL day long and are custom fit for thick hair, thin hair and ALL hair in between.  Making a perfect ponytail is so quick and easy, people will think you trained for years in the jungles of some remote region of the world to become a ponytail ninja.  Handmade in the good ol’ USA, our hair ties contain multiple styles in one and can be switched on the fly to give you the look you want, when you want.  Going from business professional to ballroom princess has never been easier!  Old hair ties get stretched out too quickly, break too easily and pull your hair far too often.  We had your hair (and your sanity) in mind when we created Elsy Tails.  These babies are easy on your hair during use, hold up against even the thickest of hair and are a piece of cake to remove. 

NO MORE hair pulling, hair tangling, stretched out, broken hair ties for you!  Whether you’re a ponytail master or your ponytails are a disaster…you’re going to love using Elsy Tails.